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hey guise!


i love
panic! at the disco, fall out boy, queen, the killers.
21 jump street, harry potter, lotrips (monaboyd), brokeback mountain, lord of the rings, death note, big bang theory, house, lost.
j.k. rowling, j.r.r. tolkien, chuck palahniuk, francesca lia block, chuck klosterman, lemony snicket.
donnie darko, brokeback mountain, arizona dream, harold & maude, a clockwork orange, where the wild things are, lord of the rings, anything else with johnny depp, p.s. i love you, my sister's keeper, juno, anything monty python, rocky horror picture show, the village, hard candy, american graffiti.
queen, the format, charlotte sometimes, fun., explosions in the sky, beecake, the beatles, beirut, smashing pumpkins, band of horses
remus lupin/sirius black, tom hanson/doug penhall, dominic monaghan/billy boyd, frodo baggins/sam gamgee, leonard hofstadter/penny, leonard hofstadter/sheldon cooper, sheldon cooper/penny, jack twist/ennis del mar, freddie mercury/roger taylor, viggo mortensen/orlando bloom, elijah wood/sean astin, elijah wood/orlando bloom, ryan ross/brendon urie, patrick stump/pete wentz, gilbert grape/sam, johanna barker/anthony hope, james wilson/gregory house, alice cullen/jasper hale, jasper hale/edward cullen
tv shows
21 jump street, lost, monk, flashforward, house.

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642 things to write about. (posted at inanimate_eyes)
What can happen in a second. g. 128 words.
The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had. pg-13. 380 words.
A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live. pg-13. 495 words.
21 jump street.
drabbles (and double drabbles, et cetera). tom/doug. pg-13. (slash and friendship). 4371 words. gary the fish, wheelchair, sopa, cupcake, died, nugget. hunky dory, cello, compelling, glock, lick, poopy pants, lightbulb. post-it, trust, picture, doorknob, faggots, luxurious. yesterday, assurance, failure, stalking, rewind, fade, bony.
just friends, just lovers. pg. tom/doug. 555 words. oneshot.
living proof. pg-13. tom/doug. 991 words. oneshot.
the mcquaid brothers. pg. tom/doug. 381 words. oneshot.
nobody else matters. pg. tom/doug. 1272 words. oneshot.
one week. r. tom/doug. 4793 words. oneshot.
roles reversed. pg-13. tom/doug. 413 words. oneshot.
too late to apologize. pg-13. tom/doug. 8557 words. ficlet. one. two. three.
wake up call. pg-13. tom/doug. 1440 words. oneshot.
big bang theory.
second chances. g/pg. leonard/penny. 1006 words. oneshot.
brokeback mountain.
fishing. g. jack/ennis. 409 words. oneshot.
how to quit you. pg-13. jack/ennis. 818 words. oneshot.
jumping to conclusions. pg-13. jack/ennis. 1038 words. oneshot.
let down. g. jack/ennis. 295 words. oneshot.

harry potter.
dear diary, i love him. pg-13. sirius/ofc. 887 words. au oneshot.
do not enter signs lie. pg-13. no pairings (yet). 14,128 words. au novel. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight.
everything we had. pg/pg-13. remus/sirius. 3947 words. oneshot.
yin/yang. pg-13. evie/sirius. 681 words. oneshot.
hope. pg. no pairings. 258 words. oneshot.
revival. pg. claire/charlie. 313 words. oneshot.

australian post-rock bands. pg-13. accidentally implied elijah wood/dominic monaghan, implied elijah wood/orlando bloom, implied billy boyd/dominic monaghan. 887 words. memefic - oneshot.
breakfast in bed. pg-13. implied dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 800 words. memefic - oneshot.
drunk. pg-13. dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 799 words. oneshot.
eventually ever after. pg-13. dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 1265 words. oneshot.
explosions in the sky. dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 5459 words. series. those who tell the truth -> die/yasmin the light/heartbeat. pg. 1291 words. how strange, innocence -> snow and lights/time well wasted. pg. 4168 words.
in the backseat. pg/pg-13. dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 1038 words. memefic - ficlet. one. two.
lacrosse. pg-13. implied dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 700 words. memefic - oneshot.
run away. pg. dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 1031 words. oneshot.
the pull of what we can't give up takes hold. pg-13. dominic monaghan/billy boyd. 12,317 words. novella. one. two. three. four. five.
lord of the rings.
elven wine. pg. frodo/sam. 3950 words. oneshot.
once upon a time in mexico.
good time at your expense. pg-13. el/sands. 1601 words. oneshot.
amateur musicians and my sort-of boyfriend. pg-13. raegan/marcus. 4783 words. oneshot.
borne. pg-13. no pairing. 5041 words. oneshot.
lurking variables. pg-13. caiti/charlie. 4,729 words. au oneshot.
musings. pg. no pairings. 513 words. oneshot. (posted at inanimate_eyes)
nothing ever worked out. pg-13. constance/chandler/jason. 489 words. oneshot.
sometimes a cigar is just a smoke. one. two. three. pg-13. implied harry/elizabeth. 7543 words. oneshot. (posted at inanimate_eyes)
they say dreams never die. pg-13. eli/collin, cait/ry, collin/steven. 1775 words. oneshot.
original fandom: won't be warm. (posted at inanimate_eyes) MASTERPOST
annie. pg-13. no pairing. 1193 words. vignette: one
caiti. pg-13. no pairing. 1803 words. vignette: one
charlie. pg-13. caiti/charlie. 4519 words. vignette: one
jason. pg-13. jeni/joey. 2819 words. vignette: one.
jon. pg-13. no pairing. 524 words. vignette: one.
lexi. r. caiti/lexi. 3026 words. vignette: one.
liam. pg-13. no pairing. 1627 words. vignette: one.
noah. pg-13. no pairing. 2002 words. vignette: one.
panic! at the disco.
best judgment. pg. ryan ross/brendon urie. 1473 words. oneshot.
persona 3.
one low blow. pg-13. akihiko sanada/shinjiro aragaki. 1,966 words. oneshot.
poetry (posted at inanimate_eyes)
memory. pg-13. prose poem. 1332 words.
i don't write poetry, but when i do... (a collection). pg-13. 6 poems: architecture, boil and/or flow, impressions, stop, "why is it going to take three hours?", you. 984 words.
pinky swear. pg-13. freddie mercury/roger taylor. 2467 words. oneshot.
sweeney todd.
distinction. g. johanna/anthony. 154 words. oneshot.
imperfect enough. pg. alice/jasper. 1343 words. oneshot.
not so happily ever after. pg-13. jasper/edward. 1326 words. oneshot.
what's eating gilbert grape/benny & joon: easy way out. pg-13. gilbert/sam. 493 words. oneshot.
what's eating gilbert grape/benny & joon: perceptions. pg. gilbert/sam. 276 words. oneshot.</a>

just for funsies complete word count: 137,062 words

Wood type: maple
Length: 11½ inches
Core: Gryffon Feather

get your own wand!

2009 - won't be warm - 51,323 words

2010 - won't be warm (revisited) - 50,151 words

2012 - untitled - 50,218 words